How Rank Youtube Video Top in 2021?

youtube ranking

Google and YouTube Ranking Algorithms work differently from each other. However, there are many similarities between them.

Here in this article, I am going to place you some facts about Ranking a YouTube Video.

Every Youtuber has a desire to get Top on the Search, but it is not that easy!

Every hour YouTube gets videos that are around 500 watching hours. So it is always challenging to get Ranked on YouTube.

So, How to Rank Your YouTube Video on Top 1 in Search Results?

Here I am going to talk about the significant criteria that YouTube prefers. Yes! Your guess is right, and it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you don’t know SEO, you can read this below, or you can just skip to the steps.

What is SEO?

SEO Best Search Engine Optimization Services means the process of making your content visible in a relevant search.

The more the Visibility of your Content, the more the audience, and the more the Ranking.

Now the question is, How SEO and YouTube are related?

When people search for a Keyword, YouTube will display the relevant Videos. For this, YouTube needs to understand what your videos have, and How relevant is the Video?

Here are a few steps followed by most of the Top SEO Agencies and the Best SEO Company, 3Glogic in India (according to my opinion, you can know about 3Glogic better once you visit them).

Step-1: YouTube Keyword Search

It would be best if you targeted Keywords. You can try searching for your Keyword at Google Search Engine, UberSuggest, Ahrefs, etc.

While searching for keywords, always remember to look over Search Volume, Cost Per Click, Paid Difficulty, and Search Difficulty.

Most of the YouTube Keywords start with ‘How To?’ or any question.

Youtube Keyword research

Step-2: Optimization of Your Video

What people usually do is they will just Optimize the headings and will forget about the Video Optimization.

Nowadays, YouTube can go through your Video Content. So, as the articles need Optimization of Content, similarly, videos need to be Optimized as per the topic.

Step-3: Optimization of Video Tags

Tagging is crucial for a video in SEO. You can use popular tags that are suitable for your keyword to increase your Ranking.

Step-4: Ask for People’s Support

You can try asking people to Comment on the Video and Subscribe to your Channel.

YouTube’s Algorithm will always give priority to the videos with more Comments and Channels with more Subscribers.

Step-5: Increase Your Production Side

Most of us use SmartPhones to create content because most people cannot afford a good Studio Setup.

So, you can try getting a tripod stand, a good backdrop (serves as a background), lighting equipment, and a quality microphone. All these will improve the Production quality of your Video.

‘The more attractive your video is, the more audience you get.’

Step-6: Have an Awesome Thumbnail

I have come across many videos with thumbnails and are irrelevant to the content and with low quality.

The Thumbnail is like the ‘First Impression.’  You might have heard from many that the ‘first impression is the best impression.’ So, it is always essential to have a good and eye-catching Thumbnail that can pull viewers.

Step-7: Always Add the CC

You might have seen CC (Closed Captions) while watching a video. These are usually for people who are deaf, but they have a significant impact on SEO.

‘The CC is Crawlable by the Search Engines,’ which means these will increase your SEO.

Step-8: Share Your Video on Social Media

Share the Videos over Social Media, which can bring you more audience and maximize your YouTube SEO.

Many Social Media platforms are available these days, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, etc.

Facebook is my favorite and recommended platform for sharing your YouTube videos. Facebook can drag Tons of Viewer to your Video.

Step-9: Increase the Length of Your Video

‘Watching hours’ play an essential role in Ranking a Video over YouTube.

Watching hours means the total time the viewers are watching a specific video.

‘More the watching hours, more will be the Ranking.’

YouTube’s Algorithm will always show the videos at Top with more Watching hours.

Step-10: Improve Your Content Quality

Apart from all those, this is the most important step to remember. People will always go for the Channels with excellent and authentic content.

Try providing the best you have!

No matter how good you are at all the above steps, your efforts will go in vain without the content.

Everyone needs the best of everything, so be the best of your competitors.

You can always try searching for what your competitors are doing, and you can improvise it with your knowledge and skills to bring the best out of it.

I hope this article helped you in understanding the terms which I have discussed.

It would be best if you remembered that nothing is easy these days; you should work hard to make things easy for you, and so with the YouTube Ranking.

‘Always try going for the Extra Mile. You can become a Successful YouTuber someday’.