Top 6 SEO Trends That Would Affect Your Web Ranking In 2020

Have you seen the new Google Algorithm update? If you are still unaware please check, 2019 will be over soon. You may not know the update but as the year will be changed, many things will change definitely. You must have prepared with the new updates, trends that would affect your web ranking in 2020.

There are several latest updates you may not know, but knowledge of trends gives you an additional advantage, you can easily implement difficult tasks in the SEO process. So, to help you with that here are some SEO trends to check. 

But, Before That First Check What Is SEO? 

Our Top Seo Services in India is the process to get the rank of your website with the keywords through the optimization of particular landing page. But, it is upon you whether you do it yourself or you hire Best SEO agency, but the right SEO strategy is necessary. If you don’t know about the trends and strategy you cannot do it properly. 

For That, You Must Know About These 5 Points, 

  • Google Trends
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Google SERP Feature
  • Social Media 
  • User Intent 

Here Are Some SEO Trends That Would Affect Your Web Ranking In Next Year… 

  1. Mobile Index

Yes, the mobile index was used from 2018 but now it got flagged with the website and the mobile versions were welcomed. Only having rich content is not necessary, to use at the right place is necessary and now where the people are using handheld devices with the internet. 

  1. Speed Of Landing Page 

Think, if you open any website and the speed of the page is not proper, you are waiting and waiting for it drives you towards the different website with the same purpose, right? The first experience should be good and that can help you to drive the traffic. Search engines also consider website speed and site performance. So, do optimization and resolve elements like speed index, time to interactive, FCP and many others for better results in 2020. 

  1. Relevant Content 

Content is king but relevancy always matters. According to new Google algorithm updates it has been found that only keyword stuffing doesn’t help you to get the proper ranking. It has been noted that the relevant content can deliver the right message and help you to get more traffic. 

  1. Voice Search 

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are now in trend and depend on that voice search are automatically helping to make the process better. Smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Google Assistant has good to adopt voice command. Get help to use them. 

  1. Video Content For Good Engagement 

Visible content is always good, and to add the video content in the new strategy is a good effort. Video marketing is becoming more popular and to make your user stay tuned you can display the content. 

  1. Better Content For Snippets

Not only for the social media but for any kind of the promotion some punching lines are good to add.  You can use the proper pattern for the same, set the structure data, use the relevancy of the content, do the keyword research and use the, include the branding quote is the general process to engage more content.

Key Points To Take Advantages From SEO Trends, 

  • Hold your conversation. You are adopting the optimization trends but don’t hurry, stay calm and get the result in some time. 
  • Check your competitors’ update always. You can check the respective keywords and all. 
  • ROI is important, so check the new trends and try to apply it. Check the updates and according to the latest google algorithm and SEO trends, it will be more helpful.

At last, 

Try new things but don’t forget to get the knowledge first, updating the web pages, site building, good SEO strategy, monitoring the progress is very important in SEO. Only trends are not important but to make the web ranking better in 2020 you should get to know everything.