Why SEO Audit Is Important For The Website?


SEO is in trend now, and many SEO specialists prefer to do the SEO audit, but this sounds like a daunting task. SEO audit is essential to know how your website is working and also how properly is your website is performing. If you are also interested in SEO audit, how it is performed you need tips, steps and need to understand tools for the SEO audit.

To perform the optimization, you need to know about the health of your website and SEO audit to do the same. To do SEO audit frequently is recommended because Google changes its algorithm, and you have to check your website accordingly with new patterns and technology. An SEO audit can help to know your website’s weaknesses, lacking functionality
and many other things.

If you are an SEO specialist or digital marketer then SEO audit is essential, because it allows you to analyze your efforts and help you to take immediate action for the success of your campaign.

Benefits of SEO Audit:

Still, People Don’t Prefer SEO Audit So Here We Gathered Some Reasons Why Your Website Need SEO Audit from Best SEO Company in India,

  1. SEO Audit Can Help You To Identify On-Page Issues

On-page optimization is very important and to improve the SEO you need to solve your on-page issues. Here are areas that can be edited by taking help from the SEO audit process.

  • Headers

An SEO audit can help to check all types of the header from H1 to H6. Make sure H1 is optimized with the keyword.

  • Titles & Description

Meta title and description should have exact syntax, like the length of the title, should be 35-70 characters including keyword, and description should have 150-160-character length.

SEO friendly content is must, and SEO audit can help you for checking whether your home, landing or service pages have the optimized content or not. As per plagiarism google ranks unique and quality content of the website.

  • Image Optimization

Image, graphics and videos should be optimized as well, and for that size and quality should be checked.

  • Internal Linking

In SEO internal linking is very important, so this can help you to check the navigation via internal linking.

2. Help To Check Keyword Usage & Search Ranking

An SEO audit can help you to figure out whether a keyword is used properly- not overstuffed or not lack of using, whether it is placed well or not. If you are using the long-tail keyword you should check once.  In addition, if you are paying for the ads you have to always look out for that. An SEO audit can help you to check how your organic searches work. After that to ensure organic reach you will use more strategies.

3. Help You For Competitor Analysis

To build the presence online is not easy, you need to understand your competitors. If you are preferring SEO audit that can help you to compare your website to your competitors and you can find multiple reasons if your website is not performing well or you are not getting a good ranking.

Identify Your Competition; Make The Strategy And Come Up With The New Plan Is The Process You Have To Follow For Successful SEO Campaign.

  • SEO Audit Can Help You To Identify Website’s Technical Issues

Technical issues such as speed, redirects and many others can be audited by an SEO expert. It relates to helping you to get the idea where you are lacking. Here are some technical issues SEO audit can help you to recover.

  • Redirection

Whether you have 301, 302 directions, it should be minimal. You can add a slower user experience. Website must be load in to the browser with www and without www protocol.

  • Website Speed

If you consider the website, you have to check the loading speed of the website. If your website is speedy it means you are providing the good user experience. The website should be load in 3 seconds. You need to check website uploading speed in to the obile and desktop. An SEO audit can help you to optimize the large images, server response time and HTML code.

  • Crawl ability

The SEO audit can help you to ensure good crawl ability, also help you to correct the robots.txt. you will find out the broken links, poor images, excess redirection, duplicate content data from the existing website.

  • URL Structure

The website should have proper navigation, and SEO audit can help you to maintain good site architecture.

  •  Mobile-Friendly Website

Website must compatible with different mobile and tablets. Your website needs to ensure that, it’s mobile-friendly and compatible with all devices, if not then make it mobile-friendly before launching it. So you will never miss the targeted audience from the website.

5. Can Help You To Identify Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for SEO, and SEO audit can help you to identify whether your backlinks are going wrong or not. The reputable links should have awesome content and it can help you to improve your website ranking.

There are many other technical things you can check and correct while doing an SEO audit. Below are some technical points you have to check while SEO audit.

  • Site Architecture : You have to make proper website architecture for the search engine to indexing all of the pages of website. Manage all your pages linked up with home page so google bot identifies properly. Spider follow all the internal linking pages and improve authority of pages. 

XML Sitemap & Analysis :

  • Create proper sitemap.xml for the website so google read all the pages from map and indexing property. It’s a great way to improve crawl ability.


  • It’s useful to avoid duplicate content over multiple pages. Each specific page represents master copy and the search engine gives property accordingly.

Footer Optimization: Footer is a perfect overlooked element of the website where you have to optimize many sections like social media buttons, privacy policy, terms of use, contact information, etc

Doing a full SEO audit is technical and complicated; you can find more technical descriptions. You can boost your revenue by doing an SEO audit and then taking the steps towards that.  It doesn’t take days and weeks, so if you want to do you should hire an SEO expert and get the full SEO audit done.