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Conversion rate optimization helps to improve your business leads.
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Turning the visitors into leads, this is the sole motto of conversion rate optimization agency. unarguably, conversion remains at the heart of your entire digital marketing campaign. Yet, companies are spending their fortune on getting unengaged traffic, non-converting websites and more.

Lets face it, the competition is fierce. We need to understand that everything in the world is commoditized. Your target audience are handed over with several options to choose from. Unless you provide them with something unique, they shall not pay heed. You must handcraft everything to a point where your visitor received a thrill and an original experience. 

This would not be an easy feat. Conversion optimization services will help your business to reach the next level, grow your sales and revenue, improve the engagement and turn your customers in your brand evangelists. 

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Conversion rate optimization depends upon various factors. All factors can be studied based on the monthly analysis to convert visitors into leads. We offer various CRO services. 

CRO Audit

You must understand the elements that are sabotaging your conversions. A complete CRO audit will help you find out the foul fish in your pond.

Landing Page Design

We will provide you with excellent landing page designs that will be optimized well. We will ensure that your visitors are converted into leads within a short span of time.

A/B Split Testing

This is essentially a hypothesis between two variants A and B. simply put, we will experiment with two different versions of a webpage and see which one is performing better.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Your funnel is a strong aggregator of leads. You must know to create strong funnels. We will perform conversion funnel analysis to trap your target audience properly.

Heatmap and Click Tracking

Get the real time analysis of your visitors within seconds and know the time for which they stay on your website.

Content Optimization

We will help you revamp your content with the best optimizing techniques so that you do well online.

Benefits of CRO services

Providing unique and infallible digital marketing campaigns, our CRO services will benefit your business in several ways. The most notable benefits are:

  • CRO will help you understand your audience better. With CRO, you can become more familiar with your prospects, leads, and customers.
  • It helps you boost your sales and you can shorten the time from lead to purchase. This makes your site more successful and efficient.
  • One of the main benefits of CRO is that it will bring your customers even from your competitors.

At Curious Technolabs, we understand CRO better. Come to us for a quick discussion

Conversion rate optimization is not like content optimization. Backed by years of experience, our team of experts knows how to take each step to ensure that the tricky Google Algorithms are driven for your growth.

For us, conversion optimization is an art and we are too passionate about it.


Steps for Conversion Rate Optimization

We follow a basic and comprehensive process towards conversion rate optimization that give us infallible results. Here is our 5-step process to CRO:

  • Using Google Analytics, we put all the data together. We read and re-read the data as we know deep analytics will form a base for our CRO strategy.
  • We move on to create a strong funnel, which is the main aggregator of sales. Simply put, it is the process of analyzing, sorting, cutting down and following up with sales lead.
  • Page optimization is mandatory when we talk about CRO. reach out to you biggest flaws on the pages and turn on the improvements.
  • We believe testing is the quickest way to investigate the kind of environment your visitors expect and need from your brand. A lot of hard work needs to be put for these targeted tests.
  • Lastly, it is the time to rinse and repeat. Unless, you are able to reach out to 100% of your target audience, there is still room for improvement. So, we keep moving.


Why Choose Curious Technolabs?

You can improve conversion rate of the website by analysis and changes  the different sections of the website. With the help of our google certified experts, we can provide you with better services.


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Frequently asked questions

What is your optimization trick ?
CRO is going to boost your sales for sure. There are several tricks and techniques that we follow for lasting profitability. Reach out to our conversion rate optimization agency to know more.
Which kind of result do you expect from CRO ?
We always anticipate measurable and immediate results for our customers from CRO. we understand there is no magic wand for that. A lot of hard work and determination are needed to achieve the desired results.
Do people arrive and then almost immediately leave your website?
If the answer to this question is ‘yes’ for you, we believe CRO is something you should try today. Come to us and see a turn around in your business.
Do people abandon the shopping cart at a high rate?
You will know this only when you are aware of the analytics. CRO is going to help you retain your customers so that they leave your website only after clearing the check.
Is your content, site structure, and user experience outdated?
If yes, we are here to help you revamp and restyle every corner of your website. We will look into your content, website design, UI and UX and optimize your website according to the needs of your clients.

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