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Building Your Success Online by Custom Wordpress Development Company
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There would be hardly anyone who has not heard of WordPress. It’s a Website building platform that helps amateur developers develop beautiful and intricate Custom WordPress development company in India with many components like videos and slideshows. WordPress ( is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP & MySQL.

This was released initially in 2003, In 2020 it has its applications in 60 million websites. WordPress development services have only grown exponentially and have made businesses grow due to its simplicity and attractive functionalities.

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress themes are easily available in its communities and are very customizable as well as day to maintain as one or the other feature can be replaced by another better feature.

Multi device compatible

WordPress webpages and applications are versatile and can be streamed or viewed across multiple devices which makes it more reliable and functional.

WordPress Responsive HTML

There are various attributes available to make the HTML web pages more responsive via WordPress including various functionalities.

WordPress Theme Integrations

Developers with little to no experience with coding can power their websites with a professional looks and custom functionality.

E-commerce Solutions

As web market has seen and felt the impact of e-commerce websites that are being used thoroughly by the customers across the globe.

Cell phone responsive websites

WordPress websites are reliable when viewed across different platforms. Due to its various functions and website designing tools and attributes makes it more reliable and trustworthy.

Benefits of services

Best part about using WordPress service is it’s ease of use, You can manage your website from any computer and phones. As no HTML editing or FTP software is required for its development.

You Have Control of Your Site at any point and time you can change or customize your website.

You can extend the functionality of your site with plugins, so your site can grow as your business grows

How to WordPress development process?

Learning to code is hard enough, and searching for help online doesn’t always steer you on the right path. But even taking it into consideration, local WordPress development tools are still something that even complete noobs to WordPress development can benefit from. Implementing changes in a live environment without testing is a disaster waiting to happen. Should one of your updates break your site, you’ll have no option but to restore it from an earlier backup, or try to fix the problem manually, during which your website isn’t working as it should, or users may notice the problem. That’s why a lot of seasoned WordPress developers prefer to use either local or staging environments for testing purposes.

Why Choose Curious Technolabs?

We specialize in  setting up RSS / email subscriptions to your blog with integrating e-commerce aspects to your webpages as commending capabilities, and automatically adding the most recent blog posts to other pages of the site (your home page, for example) , and help to extend your company’s reach and make your site more dynamic and interactive.

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Frequently asked questions

What is WordPress?
WordPress is a custom website building platform that helps us build amazing websites dedicated to our client's needs.
What do you do?
Our team specializes in WordPress development Services whether it’s a single website or a complete application we are never short on innovation ideas to make it unique for our customer. We develop webpages with integration of HTML and WordPress.
How soon can you deliver?
We can work on priority basis given that the financial aspects are met. For a dedicated time we charge extra. If it’s a single webpage or complete website, we are happy to dedicate the time to get you results sooner than expected.
Are there any limitations?
There are no limitations to the development in WordPress Platform. The WordPress community is wide and would be well supported by the professionals and many active users so the only limitation is your imagination.
What's your pricing?
Our pricing is dependent on the needs of our customer it starts with a webpage and we can develop complete websites too. So the pricing is always fluid and meets the customers budget as they want it. With all the domain hosting and server bidding we try to make sure that we give you a safe and secure website.

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